Hello friends!

First of all, I am Nadarasa Subramaniam from Sri Lanka, where my native place is Point-Pedro and studied at Hartley College from 1975 to 1982. My close friends and my relations call me Nada, and my family members call me Selvan. My father, Subramaniam Thambirajah, worked as Price control Inspector and passed away in 1972 when I was eight years old. I had two brothers, but my eldest brother, Rajagopal, was missed in 1984 while he travelled to Mannar. We have not still received any concrete information on what happened to him. My Second elder brother, Thampirajah have stayed in Denmark since 1985 and now he has two kids.

When I studied at the Jaffna University from 1984 to 1988, I taught Commerce and Finance to advance level students at private institutions in Point-Pedro, Viyaparimoolai, Uthayakathirkamam and Nelliady in Vadamarachi. Further more, I served as President of Puloly Multiple Purpose Cooperative Society (MPCS) from 1985 to 1987. From 1988 I taught accounts and commerce to advance level classes at Wellawatta Hindu Ladies College, until I moved to Denmark in 1991. Even though I had not done so much for our society to remember me, I had so many good friends and I got the great opportunity to meet the people, who had played key rolle in our liberation activities.

I am married, and my wife name is Vasuki, who now works at a kindergarten in our town, Hundested. We have a baby boy, whose name is Athash. To see our family photos, please move on to

Currently I am looking for jobs in marketing area after completing successfully my master's degree (in International Business) at Copenhagen Business School (CBS). I am so interested in learning about behavior of Multinational Companies (MNCs) and their strategies, which MNCs apply to keep or achieve the leadership in the global market. I think I wrote very interesting master theis, which is about Danish Telecommunication market, where I have specially focused on market for foreign calls.

My hobbies are playing cricket and writing poets (in Tamil). If you are interested to have a look, please move on to my poietries. Further more my favourite poets were Methaa, Abdul Raguman and Seran. In recent years I have started to realise that no one is better than our national poet Kasi Ananthan.

If I want to tell about my cricket interests, I play for the Holbęk cricket club, which is now in the second division in Denmark. Further more, I mostly participate in the Tamil tournements, which are used to organise by the Tamils living in Denmark. I think that these Tamil tournaments are more interesting, as these tournaments provide the opportunity to meet few of our old college-friends and other Tamil cricket lovers residing in Denmark. My favourite test team is Indian cricket team, and my favourite player is Tendulkar, even though he failed to show his colours during the last world cup properly.

Really I will be happy, if this home page can help me to find my old friends or new friends, who bring some different ideas and discussions in the areas, in which I am interested.

Finally I would like to tell that as this is the first experience for me to build a homepage, there could be number of mistakes and rowbacks in my web. You are therefore welcome to let me know wether if you have found any mistakes or if you have had different views.
I hope that above descriptions are basically good enough to identify who I am. If you need to have more details, feel free to contact me.

E-mail: athash@get2net.dk
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