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The European Automotive Industry



Title of the book



"Building brand identity in the auto industry" (1996) Lausanne Esomar Publications Series
"Car wars" The international giants and the world they made Jonathan Mantle Macmillan general books
"Car Prices within the European Union on 1 November 1995" Commission of the European Communities  
"Cars, Analysis, History, Cases" Karel Williams, Colin Halsam, John Williams, Sukhdev Johal with Andy Adcroft Berghahn Books Providence
"Directory of Multinationals" John M. Stopford  
"Driving over a cliff?" (1994)
Business lessons from the world's car industry.
Graeme P. Maxton & John Wornmald The Economist Intelligence Unit

Europe's Car Makers
  The Economist February 5, 1994
"Examination of current and future excess capacity in the European automobile industry" (1997) European Commission  
"Forum on the European Automotive industry" European Commission  
"Industrial Market Structure and Economic Performance" (1990) Scherer & Ross Houghton Mifflin
"Industrial Policy in European Manufacturing" (1993) Robert Hagler  
"International automotive marketing conference" (1994)   Esomar Publications Series
"Joint Ventures and agreements in the West European motor industry". (1987) Michael C. Pearce The Economist Intelligence Unit
"Radical reform in the automotive industry" (1994) Peter O' Brien & Yannis Karmokaias The World Bank
"Strategic Investment Decisions" (1994) Chris Carr, Cyril Tomkins and Brian Bayliss A research report by the School of Management, University of Bath
"The Car Aftermarket in Europe" (1996) Neil Mullineux Financial Times Management Report
"The completion of the common market in 1992" A.F Bakhoven Central Planning Bureau
"The dimensions of annual reports" (1995) Sixty years of social conflict at General Motors. Marilyn Kleinberg Neimark Markus Wiener Publishers
"The Economics of European Integration"(1997) Wille, Molle Ashgate Publishing Limited
"The future of car retailing in Western Europe" (1995) Prof D G Rhys, Dr. P Nieuwenhuis & Dr. P Wells The Economist Intelligence Unit
"The Modern Industrial Revolution, and the failure of internal control systems" Michael C. Jensen Journal of Finance, July 1993
"The New Car Market in Europe" (1997) Neil Mullineux The Economist Intelligence Unit
"The passenger car market of Western Europe" (1989) Development and Prospects Peter J. Cope The Economist Intelligence Unit
"West European Forecasts" (1989) James McArdle The Economist Intelligence Unit
"Market access issues in the automobile sector"    
"Car prices within the European union on 1 November 1995" Commission of the European Communities  


Textbooks Used for Theoretical Background

Annual Reports
PSA 1996
Volkswagen 1996
GM 1997
BMW 1996
Ford 1997
Ford 1997 SEC filing







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