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Carriculam vitae (in English)

First Name: Nadarasa

Sure Name: Subramaniam

Sex: Male

Date of Birth: June 12th 1964

Nationality: Srilankan, Tamil

Civil Status: Married a srilankan Tamil, who is now working as a
kindergarten assistant in Hundested.

Postal Address: Høje Tøpholm 16 1 TV, 3390 Hundested.

E-mail Address: or

Telephone number: 47 98 51 98

Language Skills: Mother language is Tamil, command in English and
able to speak and write in Danish well.

Academic Qualifications: B.B.A (Bachelor of Business Administration from
University of Jaffna, Sri Lanka), now studying in International Business at Copenhagen Business School.

Professional Experience: Worked for nearly 2 years as President in the Puloly
Multi Purpose Co-operative Society (MPCS), which is still one of the co-operative owned chain Super-markets
in Sri Lanka. Worked for more than one year as auditing and management trainee at a leading company in Sri Lanka.
Þ worked for several years as an part time and full time academic staff at both private and government
institutions, and taught accounting and business studies to the advance level (A/L) students.

Hobbies: Playing cricket, watching almost all kind of sports on tv, reading international business, cultural and literature


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