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Biodata (in English)


Here I would like to explain about my academic and professional carrier.

From 1997 September:
I have been attending the Cand.merc. study ( in International Business) program, where I have passed following subjects with very good grades:

Internationalisation Strategy and Management - 08
International financial Markets - 09
European Economic Policies - 08
International Human Resource Management - 08
International Industrial analysis - 09

In International Industrial Analysis, we were asked to do a group project analysis, where we chose to write about the European Car Industry. And we focused on the excess capacity and other main problems of the industry. Further more we applied some theories such as Richard D' Aveni's theory of hyper competition and Arena of competition. As a student from an Asian country I feel personally that I have actually received a huge experience from this project, as this was the first group analysis I had done in my academic career. Further more, before doing this project, I had had a different picture about the European Car Industry, and I had believed that major players in European Car Industry had been doing well. But after participating this project, I have realised a real picture of the industry, where they had really been under various pressures, as competition and concentration of the industry were always very high.

From January 1999, I have been attending to Danish Class, which is called 'Dansk Prøve 2' at Birkerød Language School, as I think that it is necessary for me to enhance my Danish knowledge if I need to understand the Danish cultural values properly.

From August 1994 to 1997
I was granted a residents permit in August 1994. I then started to learn Danish at Viborg Language School, and passed Danish language examinations quite creditably. In December 1996 I moved to Hundested from Viborg, as I planned to participate in this master degree program. After coming to Hundested I further studied 'Dansk Prøve 2' at Hillerød Language School from January 1997 to June 1997.

From October 1991 August 1994
Due to certain domestic circumstances beyond my control, I badly needed to leave my country. As my family had already been here, I then came to Denmark as a refugee in October in 1991. I then had to stay in Danish Red-Cross centre and wait for nearly three years to achieve refugee status.

From June 1988 to 1991
In June 1988 I moved to Colombo, capital of Sri Lanka, and started to work as management and Auditing trainee at the Manohara and Shangayahara a leading firm of auditing. From January 1990 until I moved to Denmark I worked as a tutorial staff member at Hindu Ladies College, where I taught accounting and business studies to the advance level classes.

From August 1983 to May 1988
I attended the B.B.A (Bachelor of Business Administration) degree program at the University of Jaffna in Sri Lanka. This course was of four years duration, and it should be stressed that it was recognised by the admissions council of Copenhagen Business School as equal to its own HA. bachelor degree.

During the above period I worked as the president in the Puloly Multi Purpose Co-operative Society (MPCS), which is a co-operative owned super marked that had many sales branches in our town council area. My duties were to participate in the board of directors meetings and decision-makings that needed to run the daily business. Further more, I maintained in close academic touch with doing supportive tutorial work in the G.C.E (A/L) courses during my spare time.

From January 1980 to August 1982
Studying for the G.C.E (A/L) examinations, where I passed in following four subjects:

Subjects Grades
Commerce and Finance A
Logic A
Economics B
Accounts C

A is more than 75 marks, B is more than 65 and less than 55, C is more 55 and less than 45, S is more than 45 and less than 35 and F is less 35. The highest mark is 100 and lowest is 00.

Further more, I received 291 aggregate for this results, which was the highest achieved any student in our country in 1982. And I was awarded the Mahapola scholarship in merit basis.

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